Doodle Interpretation

(Now this is Doodle Interpretation according to Samantha, so as they say, "consider the source" before taking this too seriously.)

Doodles can reveal a lot about a person. Just as the choice of clothes, hairstyles, or home decor tells us something about a person's personality, our drawings can do the same thing. Click on the links below to find out more! Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself! You just might find out some interesting information about yourself.


What colors do you like to use in your drawings? Weather you like to use warm or cool colors, or bright, florescent colors, the colors you use can say something about moods and feelings along with experiences had by the artist.


How much pressure do you put on your pencil? Do you push down really hard or do you draw so light you can barely see it? Do you like to draw straight lines or curvy lines? Doodle interpretation of the way your lines are drawn can say a lot about your personality.

Page Placement

Where do you like to draw? Do you doodle on the sides of the paper? Or, do you like to draw on the top of your paper or take up the entire space? The placement of your drawing can say a lot about who you are and your personality.


Are you a fan of circles or do you like using only squares? Are your doodles a mix of all different kinds of shapes of do you just stick with the same old thing? Take a look to see what the shapes in your drawing can say about you.

Doodle Personality Test

Take a look at this fun doodle personality test. It's super easy and great entertainment. It's fun to do at a party or get together where there are lots of friends and family around to laugh and joke with. You can even use it in your classroom with students or at work in staff meetings. All you need is a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Just make sure to keep the interpretations a secret until everyone has their doodle drawn! You don't want anyone to cheat!

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