Shape Interpretation

Shape Interpretation is interesting to look at when you are finished with your drawing. I use a lot of shapes in my doodles. I like to think that every good doodle has a significant amount of geometric shapes in it. They say that using regular patterns and shapes indicate an organized and efficient mind. Sounds good to me!

Circles & Ovals

The circle represents a whole. It has no beginning and no end. It continues on forever, never giving up. It is an eternal cycle. The circle is associated with the sun and moon creating a feeling of light and life. Circles can also create harmony and love for people. They can also be symbols of femininity and friendship.

Some Examples using circles or circular segments: suns, flowers, eyes, balloons, wheels, clocks, hills, spirals, faces, rings, clouds

Squares & Rectangles

The square is more formal and mathematical. Squares tend to be used by practical people who like to be in control. They are grounded and are realistic. Using squares also shows an organized, scientific personality. Square shapes can represent a sense of security.

Some Examples using square shapes: boxes, houses, doors, walls, fences, stairs, tables, books, numbers, chairs


People who draw triangular or pointed shapes tend to have a lot of energy that needs to be released. They are creative, active people who have many different dreams and aspirations. Triangles represent someone who has a hard time keeping their feet on the ground and staying in reality.

Some examples using triagular or pointed shapes: starts, arrows, zigzags, spires, diamonds, crowns, lightning, kites, mountain peeks

Doodles can reveal a lot about a person. Just as the choice of clothes, hairstyles, or home decor tells us something about a person's personality, our drawings can do the same thing. Hope you liked reading all about shape interpretation. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself! You just might find out some interesting information about yourself.

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