What to Doodle

What to doodle? The answer is simple...Doodle what you know!When I was teaching, students would often come up to me and ask me to draw them something. They figured that since I drew some things well, I could draw anything well. That thinking couldn't be farther from the truth. I only draw what I can draw well. I try to stay far away from anything that has to resemble real life especially people and animals. I like to draw what I want, and not worry about much else. Trying to draw something that you don't know can be very frustrating, and can leave you feeling discouraged and unmotivated.

For one of the projects at our school the students needed to draw a western scene. So many of the kids started by trying to draw a horse. Many of them would get frustrated and not want to do the project any more. Some would come up to me and ask me to draw them a horse. I would explain to them that I couldn't draw a horse and that they should choose something else, something they felt comfortable drawing. For some reason, kids think that the only western thing to draw is a horse, so I gave them more ideas: cactus, dessert, cowboys, cowboy hats, spurs, snakes, etc. I told them to pick something from the list we made that they could draw and base the picture off of that. I showed them how cool a drawing of a cactus could look. That got their minds moving and they were able to complete the project with excitement and a positive attitude.

If you look carefully at my coloring pages, I use the same designs and shapes over and over, just in different ways each time. I stick with what I can draw, because that's enjoyable to me. If all you can draw is a triangle and square, don't feel like you are stuck. You know how many ways a triangle and square can be drawn? It's amazing to see how many different patterns and designs can come from just a couple of different shapes. Of course, keep practicing those "hard to draw" doodles. If you practice enough, you'll eventually get it! Continue to open up your creative side and encourage it to grow. The possibilities are endless! No longer ask what to doodle!

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