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Come explore some doodle art! A quick glance at a doodle may show scribbles, random lines and shapes with no meaning or significance. However, with a little love and direction, these drawings have the potential to compete with some of the best art work there is! Doodling is so much more than simply drawing on a post-it or unconsciously scribbling on your notebook paper during an especially boring lecture. With the right care and approach, beautiful pictures can be created. Geometric and abstract designs along with wonderfully detailed art work can grow from one simple, single line. Even emotional and mental healing can stem from a tiny little mark. The ideas and creative pathways are endless.

Doodle Art Alley is dedicated to giving those squiggly lines the proper credit they deserve. Who would have thought that such a small and simple idea could possess so much potential? Take a look around. There are lots of fun art activities, tips and information to read through and enjoy.

FREE Printable Coloring Pages

From Mandala inspired designs to animal drawings and pirate pages to holiday fun, there are enough coloring pages to keep any coloring fan busy for hours!  Best of all, they are free! 

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A (mostly) complete list of all available coloring pages availalbe on Doodle Art Alley.

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From Quote and Word coloring books to Mandalas, Animals and other designs.  These books are filled with unique, fun designs that inspire the spirit and relax the mind.  Click  on the link above to find out more or go straight to my Doodle Art Alley Amazon page to purchase.

"Terrific fun from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for anyone who enjoys doodling and coloring."- Midwest Book Review 

"The book is pure fun...therapeutic, relaxing, and inspirational all packaged into one."- Redlady's Reading Room

"These books are perfect for beginners as they contain simple images that can be completed in a short amount of time."- Prairie Sky Book Reviews

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Coloring Pages, word searches, blooper pictures and much more in my Activity eBooks.  Plus fun Free Coloring eBooks that get you doodling! And finally, free Coloring Story eBbooks that are printable stories with fun illustrations to color.

Puzzle Game & Activity Printables

Free printable activities that are great for the classroom and at home.  You are sure to find something you love, whether it's word searches or discovery pictures.

People of all ages can appreciate the wonderful freedom of creativity drawing and coloring can bring. My detailed coloring products are perfect for adults and older teens along with younger kids. Coloring isn't just for the kids anymore! There is something for everyone, so take a minute and explore the magic of it all!

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