Page Placement Interpretation

Page Placement interpretation can show some interesting results. Where we put out doodles can also tell us a lot about ourselves. Check out all the different categories below.

Central Placement

If you doodle in the center of the paper, it might suggest that you are self-centered and love attention. You are not embarrassed of your doodles and you like people noticing them. You also don’t like restrictions because you are staying far away from the edges, staying in the open space of the page.

Top of the Page

Drawing along the top of the paper usually means that you are an independent, free-thinking person. You are not afraid to take up space where headings and important information go, possibly suggesting that you think of yourself as more important than other people. You can also be seen as a dreamer with high aspirations.

Left Side of the Page

Doodling on the left side of the paper suggests that you are trapped in the past, possibly reliving past events and regrets. It also may indicate that you are apprehensive for the future or worried about things to come. On the happier side, drawing here can also suggest that your family is very important to you. Interestingly enough this is usually the most common place for doodles.

Right Side of the Page

It’s rare that people draw on the right side of their paper, usually because there is writing that occupies this space. Taking up this space with drawings may suggest that you have a strong need and desire to share important, inner feelings and thoughts. It can also be interpreted that a person who draws on the right side is looking towards the future and the outside world.

Bottom of the Page

Doodling on the bottom of the page may suggest that the doodler is shy and has a low self-esteem. They also can indicate self-doubt and depression. On a positive note, doodles in this area can describe a person who is reasonable and practical. They are also seen as down to earth.

Filling up the Whole Page

Large doodles, that take up an entire page indicates a person who has a love for design and is persistent to express their creative ideas. They may also indicate frustration due to them never being satisfied with what is drawn. Page Placement Interpretation can be so fun.

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