Interpreting Colors

By interpreting colors in our doodles and drawings we can learn a lot about ourselves. Most of the time we automatically associate color to a specific meaning due to what we see and experience in our everyday life. It is not difficult to link colors with specific moods or feelings when we associate with them all the time. Take a look and have fun interpreting colors you use in your doodles!


Black is usually associated with gloominess or death. It also carries a very serious tone with it. People who use a lot of black may be a very serious and pessimistic person. They can be depressed and may feel that there is nothing positive going on in their life.


Brown is usually associated with the earth, characterizing a down-to-earth person. Brown can also be interpreted as being boring and simple yet at the same time, being very practical and reliable.


Blue is a cool color and is associated with the sky and ocean. Because of this blue is a very peaceful and calming color. Using blue may show that one is at peace with themselves and may be in tune with the spiritual things in life.


Green can be seen in two ways. First, green is associated with nature, which can be interpreted as someone who is in touch with the environment and who shows growth and maturity. They love life and are sensitive to others. On the other hand, green is associated with envy and greed. Money and jealousy often are portrayed with the color green.


Purple is often related to royalty, giving the impression of someone who is strong and having authority. Purple is also a very honest color, showing someone with integrity and dignity. Purple has a more magical side to it, associating itself with mystery and magic.


Pink is a very soft, feminine color. It is warm and associates itself with kindness compassion.


Red is strong and powerful but can commonly associated with anger and hostility. There is a lot of energy in the color red. Love and prosperity are the positive representations of the color.


Orange is a very stimulating color. It is often used by people who are happy and full of positive energy.


Yellow is a bright and cheerful color. It is associated with the Sun who gives light and life to all. It is a warm color that can make people relaxed in an upbeat way. It can stimulate the mind and inspire creativity.

This is only the beginning when it comes to interpreting colors. We haven’t even touched upon different shades, hues, quantity of colors, pastels etc. Come up with some of your own interpretations. The way I see it, there are no wrong or right interpretations, its all just for fun.

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