Line Interpretation

Line Interpretation is an interesting way to analyze your doodle. Just by looking at different types of lines can tell us a lot about our drawings. Check out all the different categories.

Line Pressure
Line interpretation - pressure

Light lines

Light lines can indicate sensitivity, or a tentative nature. Using light lines can show that the artist worries about making mistakes. It can also indicate that they are unsure about their life and hesitant about decisions that need to be made.

Medium lines

Using medium weight lines suggests a confidence and a balanced personality. The artist knows what he is doing and is secure in his creation. This also crosses over to his everyday life where he is outgoing and enjoys being in the lime light.

Heavy lines

Heavy lines can mean strength and boldness. However, they can also mean anger and frustration especially if the lines had an effect on the durability of the paper. Heavy that have been traced over and over can also indicate an obsessive personality.

Obviously using all types of these lines can indicate confusion and instability.

Line Characteristics
Line Interpretation - characteristics

Repeated Lines

Repetition in drawings indicates that the artist is patient and organized. They believe that repetition will increase the significance of their particular doodle.

Random Scribbles

Random, crazy scribbles usually suggest an energetic, impatient personality. These marks are also associated with pure boredom and confusion as to what is desired. They can also indicate a persons inability to stay focused and tendency to get side-tracked.

Zig Zags

Using Zig Zags can be associated with a need for structure and conformity. It can indicate a hard life that is in need of comfort.

Wavy Lines

Wavy Lines are associated with the ocean or water which can be highly calming and spiritual. A wavy line can represent a flowing nature and a natural rhythm.

Straight Lines

People who use straight lines like to be in control and have very strong will power. They tend to be realists and are not risk-takers. They have their life set out to follow a certain path and tend not to deviate from it.

Curved Segments

Curved Segments indicate people who are dreamers and have no solid plans for the future. They are flexible and take things as they happen. They tend to be imaginative and creative.

Big Markings

Doodles that have big objects or designs in them indicate that the artist is outgoing and has a high self-esteem. They tend to fill their lives with lots of activities and take an active part in it.

Small Markings

Small designs suggest that the artist likes to take a more passive approach to life. They enjoy observing others and not being the center of attention. They prefer to be alone and enjoy a quiet life.

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