Magical Designs Coloring Books

If you enjoy my free coloring pages, you'll love my Magical Designs Coloring  Books.  They are filled with fun designs that are great coloring fun for people of all ages.  They are detailed, original, and 100%  hand-drawn.  You are sure to find something that you love, from animals and flowers to abstract and geometric designs.  Check out my Doodle Art Alley Amazon Page for all of my available books.  Enjoy!

"Magical Designs is another one of Samantha Snyder's outstanding coloring books for adults of all ages (and kids as well!)...a very highly recommended do it yourself entertainment."   — Midwest Book Review

Choose your color combinations and see what patterns they create. Let the magical designs take shape before your eyes. Experience greater focus, dedication, and patience that coloring can bring. Slow down and enjoy the colors and patterns coming to life in front of you. Take a deep breath, sit down, and color. 

Each doodle art image has been carefully selected to provide plenty of enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.

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