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Learn about the Sikh religion with these fun Sikh Coloring Pages.

Sikhism originated in the 15th century in the Punjab region by Guru Nanak. Sikhs believe in one God and the importance of good actions rather than empty religious rituals. Sikhs focus on living a good life by keeping God in their minds and hearts, being honest, working hard, serving others and treating everyone equally.

The Sikh place of worship is called a Gurdwara, meaning "the residence of the Guru." A Gurdwara not only serves as a worship place, but also a place to teach children and provide food and shelter for the community. There are 4 doors leading into the Gurdwara symbolizing that all people are equally welcome.

The Sikh scripture is the Guru Granth Sahib, a book that Sikhs consider a living Guru.

At the age of understanding, one can go through the Amrit Ceremony and be a baptized Sikh, take a new name and wear the 5 k's. The Kahlsa Panth was created in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh. Wearing the 5 k's symbolizes a life of devotion to the Guru. Each K has a particular significance. They are Kesh (uncut hair), Kara (A stell Bracelet), Kanga (A wooden Comb), Kaccha (Cotton Underwear) and Kirpan (Steel Sword).

Enjoy these Sikh Coloring Pages!

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Commonly found on the Sikh Flag and in the Gurdwara. Kind of like a Coat of Arms for the Sikh.

In Onkar

A symbol of the Unity of God in Sikhism and is found on religious scriptures.

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