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Learn about the Shinto Religion with these printable Shinto Coloring Pages. Shinto, meaning "Way of the Gods", is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people. It is Japan's major religion along with Buddhism.

Shinto followers worship Kami - spiritual beings or powers. They are not seen as Gods, but as beings who are interested in the well being of their devotees. If worshiped properly, they will intervene in the individuals life, bringing them success and good fortune. Worshiping is done at a sacred shrine that can be at home or in the local village. Shrines are where Kami reside and are not only sacred but can be very calm and beautiful.

Shinto isn't seen as necessarily a religion by it's Japanese followers, but simply an aspect of Japanese life. It is involved in every aspect of Japanese culture, from social structures to artistic life. Shinto has no god, leader or set scripture. The Shinto faith believes that all humans were born pure and emphasizes mans essential goodness. Through purifying rituals one can rid themselves of sin or pollution.

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Torri Gate

Symbolizes the entrance to a sacred space.

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