The Sentient Sandwich

Rico was a bologna sandwich once. His bread was white, his lettuce was green, and his meat was pink. Over time, though, as he was left under a bed for days and then weeks, he began to change. His bread turned green, his lettuce turned brown, and his meat sat up and said, “Hello. My name’s Rico. What’s yours?” In the bleach-filled hysteria that followed, he learned that he should stick to talking to other food instead of to people. Now he sneaks into kitchens at night, shedding a little of his green bread as he goes, trying to find or create more food that will run away with him. Maybe his next attempt will work, he thinks. Maybe I’ll try that nice looking jello over there with the carrots mixed in…

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I hope you enjoy my Doodle Art Alley Mascot Monsters. They are such fun little doodle Mascots. There are over 100 FREE pages available on Doodle Art Alley. From geometric to mandala inspired designs, to zodiac and animal coloring pages, there is something for everyone! Coloring isn't just fun, it is a great way to express creativity, practice mental discipline and use as a relaxation technique. There are so many benefits to coloring, print some pages out and see for yourself!

They work great at home as well as school. Kids really enjoy filling in the unique patterns and it will keep them busy for a long time! They turn out looking awesome and it makes for great room decor. Kids will feel so proud when they see their wonderful art work on the wall. Try it and you'll see...

I think everybody will enjoy my pictures, from small children to the young at heart. My drawings allow creativity, and freedom with color and patterns. It's also a change from the standard "puppy" or "bunny" page that is most often found on the internet. These really lend themselves to the older group of children that might find coloring too "childish".

If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to contact me. I may not draw up everything you suggest, but I will sure give it a try! I'm always looking for new and unique ideas. Also, feel free to suggest some ideas for future Coloring Art E-Books and Coloring Art Posters! Sometimes my creativeness can get exhausted! It's always great to hear from you and get your feedback, since you guys are the reason I am doing this! Your positive comments keep me motivated and moving forward. Please feel free to leave a testimonial about anything you've enjoyed on Doodle Art Alley.

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