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Do you love art history?  Check out some Monet coloring pages!  These are great to use at school during art history lessons or at home for some fun art projects.  Kids of all ages will love learning about different artists and the pieces that made them famous.  

Oscar Claude Monet was born in France in 1840.  His father wanted him to go into the family grocery business, but Monet wanted to become an artist.  In April of 1851, Monet entered Le Havre secondary school of the arts. Locals knew him well for his charcoal caricatures. He became a founder of French Impressionism. Monet died at the age of 86 in 1926. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting Impression, Sunrise.

source: wikipedia

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Monet Coloring page

Venice, Twilight


Monet coloring page

The Water Lily Pond


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