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Learn more about Judaism through these Judaism Coloring Pages. Judaism originated in the Middle East thousands of years ago. Jews believe in one God and try to keep his laws and bring holiness into all aspects of their lives.

Judaism is very much a family faith with many religious customs centering around the home and family. The Synagogue is the Jewish place of worship, but can also be used as a community center as well. The worship services are usually led by a Rabbi - a Jewish spiritual Leader. The most important sacred text for Judaism is called the Torah. The Torah is the first part of the Jewish Bible. It is believed that the Torah was dictated to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.

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Star of David

A common symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism.


Represents the lampstand used in the desert by Moses and the Temple.

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The benefits of coloring are endless...

Mental Discipline Focus and discipline are required when coloring these pages. Too often our focus is split, making it impossible to give our attention to one thought or idea. We need to learn to focus, dedicating ourselves to those things of real importance. We also develop patience. Too many of us are constantly in a hurry. Slow down and enjoy the colors and patterns that are coming to life in front of you. Let the moment last and turn into a lasting memory.

Relaxation Coloring can be a huge relaxation technique. We often are unable to let go of negative thoughts that are invading our mind. We are constantly thinking about ways to fix situations but unable to come up with anything, causing us more stress and worry. Sit down and color. Let the detailed designs take over your focus. You will find that while your mind is calm and clear, you can receive answers and incites that were there all along, but just lost in chaos.

Creation You aren't just coloring, you are creating art. You carefully choose your color combination and what patterns they create, not to mention coloring very intricate and small spaces. Taking your time and using your own innate creative talent, you will produce your own piece or art, worthy of framing and displaying. Kids and adults need more exposure to their own creative talent.

Fun At the end of the day coloring is fun. It is something we discover as a child that never leaves us. While coloring can be a individual activity, bringing mediation and solitude, it is also an activity that brings family and friends together. Teachers chatting around a table during their conference time, friends gossiping at a sleepover, students joking in their dorm room and family members reminiscing at a reunion, all coloring and creating art. The happiness brought from coloring is endless. Go on and explore the magic of the doodle!

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