Hindu Coloring Pages

Learn about the world's 3rd largest religion with these Hindu Coloring Pages. Hinduism is usually regarded as the world's oldest religion. It is the dominant religion in India and Nepal. The religion contains a wide variety of traditions and beliefs and it's freedom of such is one of it's notable features.

Hinduism is unlike most other religions in that it has no single founder, or scripture. Over it's vast history, there have been many different philosophies and writings. Because of this, Hinduism is often referred to as a 'way of life' or a 'family of religions' rather than the typical single religion.

Some themes commonly found in Hindu beliefs are Karma (action and reaction), Dharma (ethics & duties), Samsara (the continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth), and various Yogas (paths or practices).

A variety of Hindu symbols are used in various art and rituals. They may symbolize concepts, the gods and goddesses or attributes of the deities.

The Symbol Om (Aum)

A prominent sign for Hindu philosophy. Used in mediation and Prayer.

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