Doodle History

Doodle history goes back to the beginning of time, when abstract drawings were used to communicate and keep records. I like to think of cave drawings as doodles that were used to tell stories. You could almost say that these drawings were the foundation for all written communication. Well...almost.

How have doodles changed over time? Well we don’t see much of cave drawings that portray a hunter shooting a bow and arrow at a wholly mammoth. But these drawings still usually represent something if not just a simple emotion or mood.

A doodle tends to represent the time period and location in which it was created. The following are some examples that I’ve thought of that show how doodles have changed.

In the 1960’s and 70’s we think of the Hippie movement. So what were most drawings and art work composed of? Peace signs, hearts, and flowers are some things that come right to my mind. We also can’t forget about Tye Dye. Where in the world would we be without that awesome invention?!

Who could forget the 80’s? Heavy Metal Bands, teased Hair, ripped jeans and neon colors. Doodles followed the fads, everything being wild and over the top.

In the 90’s, I remember drawing the Ying Yang sign over and over. Where I grew up, we also had a ton of people drawing skulls, roses and the happy/sad face. This was when Nintendo and Sega became really popular, so game characters were sketched often.

When I was teaching, I looked at my students drawings to see what was the current trend. What I find is that drawing shoes are very popular. There’s also the standard…cars with flames and more cars with flames. Sadly, gang and shooting video games also take a front seat in the doodling category: kids draw what they see.

Take a look at your own doodle history and see how your drawing have evolved. It’s pretty interesting.

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