Doodle Art Posters

These doodle art posters are great for family activities, classroom art projects and individual creative expression. Enjoy hours of coloring fun with these hand drawn, detailed designs. They are great for all ages. Give as gifts or enjoy it for yourself.

**I will be out of town the next 3 weeks and will be unable to mail any posters out.  Orders that are made between 7/19/2014 and 8/05/2014 will not be mailed out until 8/06/2014.  Thanks!

Size 18x24

*Domestic Standard Shipping - $5.00 per tube.
**International Shipping - $12.00 per tube.

(If more than one doodle art poster is ordered to the same address, posters will be packed 2 per tube.)

1 Poster - $7.00 

2 Posters - $10.00

Coloring Art Posters


Palm Tree

The Coloring Process....

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

When you are all finished coloring, they can easily be framed and hung up. These posters will brighten up any dorm room, classroom, playroom, or any other place you can think of. Think of all the the color possibilities!

Doodle Art Poster FAQ

Q. What kind of paper is the poster printed on?

The posters are printed on size 18x 24, uncoated, 100# text, acid free paper.

Q. What should I use to color my Doodle Art Alley Poster?

It is totally your call of course, but my suggestion would be to use some kind of rich permanent marker (or any other markers that don't dry out quickly). I like to get both the ultra fine point and fine point to cover different space sizes to color. The color is very rich. If marker isn't something that you like to use or don't have available, I would recommend using sharpened colored pencils. I prefer those over crayons. They can also produce a very rich color that will look very nice once the poster is completely colored in.

Q. Will markers bleed through to the back?

Depending on how hard & dark you color there should be very little bleed through to the back of your poster.

Q. How long will it take to color in?

That is a very good question with a very vague answer. It obviously depends on how much care you take in coloring each and every space. I like to really take my time with these things, so it can take me a few hours each day for several days. My suggestion is to take your time. Your hand might start to hurt, but the outcome will look so'll be glad you didn't rush yourself.

Q. Are there any other posters or sizes available?

There is only 1 size available.

Q. What is the process you go through to create these posters?

All of my coloring pages and posters are hand drawn. The only difference with my posters is that due to quality reasons, I draw them on a drawing tablet that's connected to the computer. It's exactly the same as drawing on a piece of paper except with some advantages like zooming in, and erasing any stray marks I make when my kids come knock the pen in my hand. It takes me a couple of hours each day for a few days to finish the poster. I try to start with some idea in mind of how my poster will turn out but a couple hours into the drawing, it usually takes itself in the direction it wants to go. Once I'm all done, my husband makes sure the sizing, resolution and all that stuff is good (I'm going to have to learn all that stuff one day...) and then we send it in to the printers.

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