Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Enjoy some Dinosaur coloring pages!  These pages are so much fun for kids of all ages.  Use these during a theme lesson in the classroom or at home for fun.  No matter the place, they are sure to be a big hit.  Just click on the picture you'd like to color, download and print.  Enjoy!

Did you know that the word "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard"?  Which is actually kind of weird since they aren't lizards at all.  The word was coined by English paleontologist Richard Owen in 1842 and was meant to refer to Dinosaurs impressive size rather than their scary appearance.  Some scientists believe that the Troodon was the smartest dinosaur while the stegosaurus was the dumbest.

Another fun fact I didn't realize:  Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs, they were flying reptiles that lived during the age of dinosaurs but don't fall into the same category. The same goes for water based reptiles such as Plesiosaurs

Free Printable Coloring Pages
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dinosaur Coloring Page
Dinosaur coloring page
Dinosaur Coloring Page

Dinosaur Coloring Page
dinosaur Coloring Page

They work great at home as well as school. Kids really enjoy filling in the unique patterns and it will keep them busy for a long time! They turn out looking awesome and it makes for great room decor. Kids will feel so proud when they see their wonderful art work on the wall. Try it and you'll see...

I love providing all of these free coloring page for all of you.  Please take the time to share with your family and friends.  I'm able to keep up this website because of all your support!  Thank you for all of your kind comments and motivating words...they definitely keep me going.  Long live the doodle!

People of all ages can appreciate the wonderful freedom of creativity drawing and coloring can bring. My detailed coloring products are perfect for adults and older teens along with younger kids. Coloring isn't just for the kids anymore! There is something for everyone, so take a minute and explore the magic of it all!

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