Blooper Search

These are what I call Blooper Search Pictures. Someone ( messed up while they were drawing these scenes! Can you find all the things wrong in these pictures? There's some silly stuff going on that just might be a little (or a lot) off. These can be really fun in the classroom and can easily be used for group or partner work. Your students and kids will love these. Click on the blooper pictures you want to have fun with, download and then print them off. After trying out some of mine, challenge your students to draw their own and trade with each other.

Printable free Blooper Pictures
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Blooper Search

I have always loved puzzle games. I'd much rather be spending time with my old, torn-up "variety puzzle" book than in front of a video game. Even today I love doing logic problems. I hardly ever am able to solve one without looking in the back for a hint, but I love them just the same.

I found that my students love puzzle games too. In our free time we do crosswords, mazes, hidden pictures, and even soduko puzzles. I'd tie their spelling words each week into a word search which they enjoyed very much. I found that even the kids who struggled more in class really lit up when they completed a puzzle. They were having fun, but still had to use their own thinking skills to complete the puzzle. There are such a variety of them too, offering something fun and challenging for most everyone.

I believe puzzle games are perfect to enhance creative thinking and problem solving. It gives children a chance to use their brains differently and "outside the box." They may seem like just fun free time activities, but I really think that puzzle games keep the brain active and encourage exploration of different problem solving methods.

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