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Enjoy some Arkansas Coloring Pages!  I love learning about the different states in our country and everything that is unique about each one.  I've only lived in a few of them but have had the opportunity to visit many more.  I can't wait to visit them all! Visit my States Coloring Pages to browse through the rest of them.

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Arkansas Coloring pages

Arkansas is bounded on the north by Missouri; on the east by the Mississippi River, which separates it from Mississippi and Tennessee; on the south by Louisiana; and on the west by the plains of Oklahoma and Texas. In size, it stands 27th among the states, with an area of 53,187 square miles. Of these, over 600,000 acres are lakes with 9,740 miles of streams.

Arkansas's topography also features rugged mountains, valleys, thick forests and plains. The state also has many caves and a well developed state parks system and various National Parks like Hot Springs National Park and Fort Smith National Historic Site.

The name Arkansas originated with the Quapaw Native American tribe and has the same route name as the state of Kansas. Arkansas is the French pronunciation of the Quapaw word for people down river. Its pronunciation was made official in 1881 by the state legislature.

At the end of the day coloring is fun. It is something we discover as a child that never leaves us. While coloring can be a individual activity, bringing mediation and solitude, it is also an activity that brings family and friends together. Teachers chatting around a table during their conference time, friends gossiping at a sleepover, students joking in their dorm room and family members reminiscing at a reunion, all coloring and creating art. The happiness brought from coloring is endless. Go on and explore the magic of the doodle!

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