About ME

Hi Everyone! I'm Samantha and I've been doodling ever since I can remember. I never thought I could ever do anything with my doodles, until my brother suggested a website back in 2008. I was teaching elementary school in Texas at the time so things went fairly slow at the beginning.  I started the website with just a few coloring pages and over the years have added much more.  There are tons of free coloring pages, ebooks of all kinds, and activities.   I am having a great time with this website and love sharing it with y'all.  I have also started publishing coloring books that you can check out on my website and Amazon page.  

If you are interested in some of the other art work I enjoy doing, click over to my Art Portfolio and look around.

I was born and raised in California, with a short 9 month stint in Idaho when I was a baby.  Graduated from Madera High and went on to BYU in Utah.  Lived in Utah, Texas, Oregon and Utah again with my husband and 3 kids.

I hope you enjoy Doodle Art Alley.  Please share it with your friends and family.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact me.  Enjoy!

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