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Doodle Diaries, Issue #036
June 16, 2015

Issue #036 - Doodle Art Alley

Hi Everybody-

I just wanted to remind y'all of my new websites that I've been putting together. They are still fairly small, but they are coming along and offer lots of coloring pages and printables.

Celebration Doodles Site
A site dedicated to official and non official holidays. Perfect for some upcoming events - Father's Day, July 4th, weddings and more. Check it out!

Religious Doodles
Great for Sunday School lessons and more. You'll find quotes, scripture stories and teachings...Enjoy!

Classroom Doodles
This site is still fairly new, but still has lots of new pages to print out. Check it out and see if there is anything fun you'd like to use for the upcoming school year.

Last time I mentioned my new book, "Imagination will Take You Everywhere." available on Amazon for purchase. It's full of 50 fun, inspirational quotes that are ready for coloring. For those of you who have purchased the book, please take the time to leave a review. Also, there will be a volume 2 coming out shortly specializing in Education/Learning quotes.

Doodle Art Alley Books

Please share with friends and family. Thanks!

Have a great Day!
Doodle Art Alley

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