February 2010

Hi Everyone-

I hope the new year is treating you kind and you haven't given up on your New Year's Resolutions. Hang in there!

Here are some Doodling Ideas & Activities for you to try out this month...

Math Hearts

We all know that hearts are a given when it comes to decorating for Valentines Day. They are great to use because they are easy to cut out and easy to decorate. This year, why not try to be a little more creative with them. See how many different patterns you can come up with using colors or designs. This is great for teaching little ones to find patterns. Try making a heart chain to count down to Valentines day. Make Multiplication Arrays using hearts. Have kids order the Hearts from Biggest to smallest. See how many ways you can use hearts to teach different concepts.

Shape Art

Use only hearts to create something. A drawing of a person made from only hearts, or an island scene made from hearts cut out from construction paper. Kids might have a hard time getting started but give them a few pointers and they will really enjoy themselves. If having something specific in mind is causing frustration, cut out tons of hearts, all different sizes and colors, and have them create a collage out of all the hearts.

Doodle Valentines

Instead of buying Valentines Day Cards from the store, why not try creating some of your own. Sure, it's going to take a little longer, but it will be fun for your child and fun for those that receive the cards.

Special Messages

Leave some special Valentines Day messages where your loved ones will find them. Write a special message and draw a little something on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker just before your special someone comes into take a shower. Or hide a cute drawing or note in a wallet or lunch box.

Don't forget your February Coloring Page . Print out and enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day,