Happy Holidays!

There are so many fun things to do around the holidays. Visiting with family, going caroling, putting up Christmas lights, and baking yummy deserts are all just a tiny portion of all the activities that take place during this special time. With the kids out of school and your house being filled with countless guests to entertain, it's important to have some fun activities available.

I've put together a short list of fun Holiday Doodling Activities that not only keeps your family busy (and out of your hair), but can also help them feel useful and of service during this giving season.

These activities can easily be adapted to the classroom setting (classroom gift exchanges, Secret Santa between students, classroom holiday decorations)

1. Christmas Coloring Pages Have your kids color the attached Christmas Coloring page, and then decide as a family who to deliver them to. It can be anyone, weather you know them or not. A neighbor, some family members, people in the hospital. Everyone likes to receive something special, especially during this time of year. You can even have some fun with it, and doorbell ditch them to friends houses.

2. Welcome Signs With family and friends coming to visit, what's better than a special welcome note doodled on the driveway or poster hanging on the door to make your guests feel really welcomed.

3. Gift Tags It's so easy to buy Gift Tags in bulk. You fill in the to and from line, tape it to present and boom, it's done. Well, this Christmas, why don't you take a few extra minutes and create your own Gift Tags. Doodle the persons name on a piece of paper with who it's from and tape that to the present. Add a little picture. It's so much more personal and adds to the gift.

4. Stockings Growing up, we had two sets of stockings. One set was nicely decorated by my mom and hung on the mantel, serving as nice Christmas decor. The other was the set Santa used to fill with small gifts and candy. This second set was pretty tore up, because of the use it went through every year. With this second set, we were able to decorate it however we wanted (since it wasn't out in the open). We took scrap fabric, poof balls, pipe cleaners, extra buttons and other random craft materials and glued them on our stockings. It was so much fun. This way, you still have your nice Christmas decorations AND the kids are able to create their own stocking.

5. Christmas Chain What kid doesn't want to count down the days until Christmas? (What teacher doesn't want to count down the days until Christmas Break?) Instead of making the boring red and green construction paper chain, why don't you doodle some pictures on the strips of paper that relate to the holidays somehow. This way all the kids in your family (or class) will have something unique to add to the chain. They can each draw what the holidays mean to them and have them all connected on the chain together. If they are having trouble drawing something specific, just have them make a pattern. An easy one is stripes, for a a candy cane. It makes the chain a little more personal.

Like I said, this is just a small fraction of doodling activities you can do together during the special time of the year. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the times you have with your loved ones. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and thank you for subscribing to Doodle Diaries.

Holiday Doodle Coloring Page